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In our experience putting the time and effort into a compelling CV is worth every second and every penny. We've seen clients double their salaries and exceed their career aspirations.

Here at Flair CVs we achieve results for professionals, like you, by recognising that your CV is, and always should be, a unique document designed to showcase your expertise and flair.

That's why everything we write is bespoke.

Whilst we have a certain house 'style' we never use standard templates and we only start writing after an in-depth consultation with you. 

Your new CV will accurately reflect your skills and present them in the best possible light. It will be perfectly tailored to your chosen career path. This will enable you to stand out from the crowd and to secure the best interviews.

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FULL CV REWRITE - from £480

Our full CV writing service is second to none. We gather information using your existing CV, our specially designed questionnaire and an in-depth phone consultation.
We then produce a 'mastercopy' CV from which we also create a two page version tailored to any specific job application that you're making. You'll receive your new CVs in the electronic formats needed to suit different recruiter requirements.
Turnaround just 5 days, usually less.

EXPRESS CV EDIT - from £120

Send us your existing CV and we'll apply our proven psychological formatting techniques to enhance the layout, whilst optimising it with industry-relevant keywords and perfecting the grammar. With just a little more information from you about your achievements and the job/s you're applying for we can also adjust the content to ensure that it showcases your talents in the best way possible. Turnaround - just 24 hours (sometimes less). Please phone us ASAP on 07722 212 911.


Your new CV is going to work it's magic and secure those (previously illusive) job interviews, so it's time to brush up on your interview skills.
Make sure that you maximise your chances of success with our new interview coaching service.
Our recruitment expert will help you to prepare. She'll guide you through some common questions and challenging scenarios, offering expert tips on how best to answer and 'wow' the panel.


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